Electronic research administration made easy

OneRamp eRA is a single portal that gives you easy access to all your research administration functions and inspires confidence that you’re meeting all federal, state, local and institutional requirements.

Our modules

We offer pre-built modules to address core research administration needs in these areas:

The OneRamp eRA Suite also features optional sections for sharing funding announcements, managing core facilities, communicating about research and managing events. And we can work with you to customize solutions or create all-new modules to meet your specific needs.

Keep faculty and administration happy

Online completion of research administration forms and applications
Electronic form routing for approval
Automated reminders for reviews, revisions and required updates, like annual reviews
Committee meeting management

Keep research administrators happier

Deadline and tracking reports to make sure nothing falls by the wayside
Detailed reporting at the institution, college or department level to guide strategic decisions
Metrics to show where processes can be improved

Keep research administrators happier

Responsive, accessible design

The OneRamp eRA Suite is available 24/7 wherever there’s an Internet connection. Responsive means it's built to work on any device you can throw at it: Android, and iOS, desktop PC or tablet. We also follow w3c and accesibility standards to help make OneRamp an application suitable for all users.